How to incorporate metallics in the home.

Hello and Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend and It’s nice to be back and bloggin’ after my mini vacation last week. Today I want to get into metallics and provide some good ideas on how to incorporate them around the home, but first let me tell you a little story. I was actually planning on finishing this post earlier in the week, however on Tuesday night I came home to a house full of feathers. I mean feathers EVERYWHERE! These little stinkers below completely obliterated one of my couch pillows.

Don’t let their angel faces fool you! There were so. many. feathers. I still haven’t cleaned them all up! Honestly, all I could do was laugh because it was so ridiculous. They are so dang lucky they are cute. So yeah, I was too exhausted from these two to get anything done that night. Then I gave blood last night and was feeling wiped out afterwards, so I didn’t get to finish the post at that time either. Well, time is flying and now we are at Thursday.

Any way, back to metallics. They are all over the place these days! From brushed nickel faucets, to brass cabinet pulls, to copper candle holders, to bronze lamps… the list goes on and on, which makes it very easy to add them to your home. No matter what your design preference is, metallics can add another dimension to any space, and it’s not limited solely to hardware. I’ve rounded up some examples of my favorite metallic decor below for some inspiration.


Photo from
Metallics look great in the kitchen, and I am not just talking your typical stainless steel. A little copper can turn a simple appliance into a statement piece. Look how beautiful this copper KitchenAid mixer is! I am so in love. No need to hide this appliance in a cabinet.

Oven from
Speaking of kitchen appliances, this is one of the first copper hob/ovens I have seen and it looks amazing. It has the character of an antique but the functionality of a modern hob and oven.  It’s like the best of both worlds!

Sink from
Continuing with the copper theme, check out this farmhouse kitchen sink. The hand-hammered detail provides a great antique look.


Designed by Megan at the Honey We’re Home blog
Metallics are also great for spicing up a home office space. Just take a look at how Megan’s chair, lamp, chandelier, and other accessories come together.

Photo from
I love how the gold finishes play with the patterns in this home office as well.


Designed by Brittany at Oh My Dear blog
Metallics are also wonderful for updating pieces you might already have around your home. Brittany at Oh My Dear blog used gold leaf wrapping paper to beautify this bookshelf. So creative!

Clock from
Another simple way to add a little sparkle is to go with a metallic clock. I like this one from Beyond Bright. It’s very simple but really dresses up the grey wall.


Designed by Caitlin Wilson
Now metallics in bathroom are nothing new, but try mixing it up a little with some brass hardware like in this Caitlin Wilson bathroom.

Designed by Caitlin Wilson
Honestly my favorite hardware in this bathroom are the towel shelf and the toilet paper holder. We typically overlook these items, but when they are the same finish they tie everything together very well.

Designed by Caitlin Wilson
Additionally, the brass in this bathroom provides a clean white space with some character.

Designed by Caitlin Wilson
Finally, if you haven’t noticed already, I absolutely adore Caitlin Wilson and this is one of my favorite bathrooms. The brass hardware looks great overall, but the unique brass mirror is the real cherry on top.

 So there you have it. Just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! What is your favorite metallic finish? Do you keep it simple with just hardware and lighting? Or do you have other metallic decor that you favor? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments! In the meantime, I’ll still be busy cleaning up feathers…

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