Wake up your wednesday–and your work space.

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Hopefully everyone is getting settled into their work week after a wonderful weekend. I am still fighting this cold/sinus infection/virus/whatever it is. Thankfully I am feeling much better but I currently do not have a voice so there’s that. It’s been a week since I’ve been sick and I’m praying that marks the end of it. My cousin came into town last night and we have fun plans all week including a Jake Owen concert, the Phoenix Open, and Sedona. So yeah, no time for this sick business!

However, it is time to get back to work and I’m back in the office like I’m sure most of you are. Sometimes it can be such a bummer returning to your office and/or desk. You come back from an exciting weekend to a boring work space. It’s almost as if all the bleak colors of office decor smack you back into the reality of the daily grind. For most, our desk decor is strictly the necessities: phone, paper clips, binder clips, pens, highlighters, post-its, notepads, computer, papers, and that’s about it.

Honestly, that’s currently what my office looks like. Boring white walls and the necessities. The most creative I get is a photo of my dogs and a few items of ASU memorabilia I have lying around. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good start. My dogs are the loves of my life and I’m an ASU alum and big ASU football fan, but my walls are just as depressing as ever. But hey, it doesn’t have to be that way. Work spaces do not have to be dull. In fact, it’s better that they’re not.  A space that we spend the majority of our time in, making important decisions and contributions, should be a place of motivation and inspiration.


Designed by B is for Bonnie Design
Let’s start with the obvious. Organization in the office can be beautiful in and of itself, but Bonnie Bakhtiari adds pops of gold and pink to a clean white look to liven up her work space. Also, I’m a little jealous of all the pink champagne in her office.

Designed by B is for Bonnie Design
This is just a closer look of Bonnie’s shelves. I love how the rose-colored mesh basket and the glass globe gently mix up all the white.

Designed by Jen at The House of Wood: The DIY Life of a Military Wife
It’s also great when you can get your hands on something that is practical yet chic. This acrylic wall calendar does just that. You can write everything you need to remember on a giant calendar, right in your line of sight. The best part? You can make it yourself! Just click on the link above and Jen will give you a step-by-step on how.  P.S. I’m also a big fan of the chalk board sign and the gold arrows.


Designed by B is for Bonnie Design
Now onto the desk, where we get down to the nitty-gritty. Coffee is essential, obviously, as are cute office supplies. How adorable are those bow-tie paper clips? I also want that gold stapler.

Designed by B is for Bonnie Design
Another great item to add to your desk is a candle, or a diffuser if you prefer something that doesn’t burn. Not only are they decorative like this gold, textured candle, but they keep your work space smelling clean and fresh. Very important for a space you spend most of your time in! I am also very fond of adding flowers to just about anything. Flowers instantly make the world (and your desk) a better place.

Designed by Kristin at The Fancy Things
I adore the clean look of this white desk with the gold framing. Additionally the patterned rug gives this work space a really nice touch.


Photographed by Jen Kay
Most of us sit at our desks, so chairs are a pretty important piece of the office. Comfort goes without saying, but they can also be stylish. The designer for this office went with a black chair with gold accents and draped a fur throw over the back to mix up the textures. I love how it also coincides with the art on the gallery wall.

Designed by Charmaine at Love, Charmaine
This chair is more of a traditional style, but I’m fond of the metal bulleting and the distressed wood.

Designed by Lauren Ashley at The Fashionista’s Diary
Again with the metals, I absolutely love them! I want this white and gold chair in my office.


Designed by Sarah at Mommy Suite
It’s also a great idea to add some inspiring art to the walls. I love the one Sarah has in her office!

These fabulous offices are just so motivating! I think it’s about time to get my butt in gear and get creative in my own work space. What about you? Have you already decorated your desk and/or office? Or is it pretty much just the basics like mine? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, taking a little break to enjoy the time with my cousin while she is in town. So I will see you guys next week!

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